Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Red Shift (fill in the blank) Poem.

Here I am at an unknown place, trapped in this frame
The air is burning inside my lungs,
On the way to fly to streetscape
I drink some red and thick liquid which pours
And runs down to have to go on and to get
In. The streets look for you or me. My heart
Can't take it anymore. It's
It, no more than that. Don't count on me. I go through it.
Them. As
The ground itself sipped on the rain now
And millions of years almost ago. And the man looking
In amazement and wonder, sharing. & telling.
Who would have thought that I'd be her. Nothing
To laugh at and. Everything
To mourn for. What have you done? Where
Has he disappear into?
Up in the blue sky I see it, see you. now
More than ever before?
Not that I miss him. not in those coat
Eyes penetrating with such intensity
& what in them. Not that kid. Fourteen. Who was
Going to have to go. Careening into the darkness so.
To look. & to discover things he would had never imagine
So to go. Not that man who from the very first meeting
I would never and never could had got
Into the treasure it was & so demanded
To discover & who will never leave me. Not for love. Nor for fear
Nor even for the greatest prize which is
Only our human lot & means everything. No. Not me.
There's a song 'When you're gone'. But no. I won't do that
I am 13. when will I die? I will never die. I will live
To be 112. & I will never go away, & you will never escape from me
Who am always & only a cry. Despite this lonely. Spirit
Who lives only to remember.
I'm only flesh. & I am alive. & I didn't do it
Someone else did.
I came into you life to help you come out from there
But you didn't take it
So now & forever. That's your fate. Nevertheless
I will always remember that day
The world's eyes are on you, and only you can take them away.

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Erika R. 6 said...

I chose this as my creative piece because I liked it and becuase it was challenging to write it since the poem did not make mcuh sense to me.